Language programs in English and Russian are designed for students to master the language of interest. The courses are developed by our experienced professionals for students to improve and polish their language skills. Classes start in the morning and go till lunchtime with a lab work in the afternoon. Every day one hour is devoted for one of the main language skills such as grammar, speech, reading, listening, and writing. In addition, one hour is dedicated daily for spiritual learning and growth.


The course is made for students with different level of knowledge of English language: basic, intermediate, or upper-intermediate skills in English to advance their communicative skills and grammar.

The course is divided into three levels. Students may start at any level based on the result of a placement test. The curriculum is oriented to preparation for the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language).


The main goal of the course is to provide foreign students with Russian speaking environment, academic studies, and work to foster their skills of fluent speaking.

The course consists of three levels, students can start from any level depending on the result of a placement test. The program prepares you for the Level 1 Certification Exam (TRFL-1, Test of Russian as Foreign Language, Level 1).