Would you like to learn a foreign language in a multicultural context?

Do you need a foreign language to make a career?

Are you looking for a good language program with a lot of practice?

Would you like to study abroad?

Welcome to the Language Learning Center at Zaoksky Christian Institute of Humanities and Economics! We are waiting for you! LLC will help you overcome language barriers and will open to you new horizons of social, academic, and professional growth!s

We have:

  • the best foreign language learning curriculum ?
  • classrooms and labs with up-to-date equipment
  • personal tutors and language learning environment
  • cozy campus and cross-cultural context
  • skillful and experienced teachers!


The Mission of LLC is to qualify language learners in five main skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar in the language of your interest. Furthermore, LLC encourages spiritual, intellectual, and social growth through friendly relationships and useful experience.


The Vision of LLC is to organize an auspicious environment for successful learning and communication. Diversities in teaching and learning, multicultural context, and timely support provide academic excellence and competence.